Web Design

With new digital devices being created as a result of innovation, one needs to implement design changes in order to facilitate the functional features. We focus on Responsive designs that adapt to these new devices that in-turn creates a User friendly interface for your customers.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization if done properly will dictate where your company is positioned in browser rankings. The aim is to be found on the first page, gaining preference over your competitors. To do this, we initiate various techniques throughout the design process.

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Digital Marketing

Traffic to your website, is like customers walking through your door. To get potential customers to your site, we need to embrace various Social Media elements and initiate a Strategy in order to attract and keep your customers interested in your businesses product offering.

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Hosting & Maintenance

Every website needs a Hosting provider in order to be displayed in the Web browsers. We support the services of an Irish Hosting provider that offers affordable hosting at competitive prices. We also believe in supporting local industries in order to help stimulate the economy.

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Creating Your Digital Identity


Bluedot Web Design Specialists

Web-design is a structured process that incorporates significant key facets,
ensuring that your business identity is found and understood. Not only is
Web presence essential, but it is important that the overall design, SEO,
marketing and maintenance aspects of a website, are included within the
development process. Utilizing these key aspects will help your business
stay ahead of the competition.

So Why Bluedot?

We understand the importance of Top Web Presence and it’s meaning.

  • Top page Ranking means more sales and ultimate profits
  • Edge out your competition through optimization and appeal
  • Professional design distinguishes professionalism for your business
  • Interface friendly design in sync with technological trends
  • Monitor your performance helping your Marketing insights (Google Analytics)
  • Wide range of expertise